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Our clients recognise our open and transparent approach to our projects and a relentless focus on what the brand and customer needs and wants.

At IA Hardware, we pride ourselves on our wealth of knowledge and experience in the retail design industry, our ability to communicate openly and honestly, and most importantly, understand our client's needs and provide support throughout their entire IA experience.



At IA Hardware, we strongly believe that project outcomes are a direct relationship between the people involved in the project. 


With a direct line to your project lead, interaction with designers and our logistics specialists - you will have an extension to your team & information to hand every step of the way.




Design is a fundamental part of setting ourselves above the rest. Our team comes from a diverse background; architecture, industrial and interior design, as well as graphic design.


Our designs are modelled in Twin Motion, providing a clear and 360 view of the design. So what you see is what we build.​ Learn more about our project work and the creative process by clicking the button.



Critical to the success of every project is the detail. Our team of engineers work to ensure your products are structurally sound and the installation is efficient and as simple as possible.


Driven by outcomes, our team will ensure the right items are flat packed to save on freight volume and storage efficiency, while the structural integrity of each piece is assessed and verified prior to production, ensuring success on site.




With over 20 years experience manufacturing retail fixtures and fittings in China, we work with a broad supplier base to align the right project with the best supplier. Taking into consideration material expertise, volume and timelines, our team on the ground manage the process from initial briefing, through to QA and distribution.


We are proud that some of our suppliers we have been working with for over a decade and they know our expectations around quality and time.



With teams located in Australia and China, trusted shipping partners and our own warehousing, IA Hardware continues to coordinate goods from manufacture through to delivery at a store level to ensure the goods are where they need to be, at the right time, in the same condition as when they left the factory.


The Sydney Warehouse receives bulk goods, where the IA Team pick and pack as required. Our stock management systems ensure that re-orders can be placed according to forecasts and as designs evolve, redundant products can be managed out into the network.

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