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Over the last 30 years, our team have designed and delivered countless fixture systems and retail supplies. We pride ourselves on understanding our customers and their customers needs - and delivering on unique, functional system and products that set your store apart.

With manufacturing partners in Australia, Indonesia and China, we have multiple supply options across various lead times that can suit your project. If you can't see something that meets your exact needs - talk to us about how you can customise or modify to make sure your customer see's your brands full potential.



Exclusive Australian Agent for Perform Mannequins

Purform was Established in 1998 and has evolved from three generations of mannequin makers, dating back to 1938. Austin Purdy founded Purfex Display Models under his parent's house in Mt Eden, New Zealand.  Quality and innovation have been the sole focus from these beginnings. 

Today, Purform is run by the Grandsons Maurice and Ben, who continue to innovate and lead global mannequin trends, including a move away from fiberglass to roto moulded plastic resulting in one of the world's most durable mannequin ranges. 

Purform’s mission is to improve apparel retail sales by enhancing the customer's perceived product value through the use of our mannequins, which has lead to the partnership with IA Hardware to further represent these products in the Australian market.




Integral to Apparel + Accessory Retail,
we have one to suit your store.

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Purform Mannequins

+ Body Forms

Form of Contemporary to Classic, we

have a style to enhance your product!




Designed to work within commercial and retail spaces.

Over the last ten years, we have operated out of Xiamen China, with the purpose of supplying our own projects. IA Hardware brings together the supply partnerships we have developed over this time and allows you to access products direct. 



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